Pearl necklace at low prices

Pearl necklaces are one of the women's best friends. A pearl necklaces looks good of every woman and gives a graceful expression.

You can find pearl necklaces at low prices, if you are looking online.

The prices are much lower than indicative Store prices. You can save up to 70 % at some shops, and the quality is just as good.

So are you searching for at beautiful pearl necklace, you should consider buying it online.

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Pearl necklaces for any style

Pearl necklaces are considered as one of the prized possessions of women. They are handed down through generations, pearl necklaces can be of different colours too like black , blue, green, white, pink and red.

Some pearls like red, green, blue and black are extremely rare hence they are quiet expensive.

Also you can find a multicolour pearl necklaces which can prove to be a nice gift for your loved ones.

There are pearl necklaces for any style, no matter what colour or length, that suits your clothes.

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Pearl necklace in pink

Pearl necklace - A good gift choice

Although Diamonds are called as girl's best friends, but Pearls are her family.

If you want to gift someone you really care then pearl necklace should be your first choice.

Pearl necklaces are always affordable hence you don't have to pay a fortune for them.

On the other hand pearl pendant necklaces are a little bit expensive as they have the best quality pendants available in the market.

Types of pearls

There are different types of pearls like black pearls, freshwater pearls, baroque pearls, akoya pearls, cultured pearls, mother of pearl and much more.

If you want to own them and yet don't want to spend too much on them, then having a fresh water pearl necklace is the best idea.

Nowadays black pearls are in fashion and they come in different styles also.

This elegant piece can be a special possession as it can be match with any outfit and enhance the look.

The beginning of the beautiful Journey called 'Pearl Necklace'

It is one of the most saddest or we can say a wonderful rule in nature that the most precious and beautiful things in the world are found in some of the most ugliest places.

The Pearl 'formation':

Pearls come from the ugly looking sea dwellers called 'oysters', natural pearl formation process is a rare and very less understood process, and this is what it is that makes them one of the noblest gift to man by nature.

The oysters who are shelled from outside have a very soft body from inside, that is why they form a tough shell from outside to protect themselves from external threats.

It is generally made up of silicate and calcium carbonate compounds. The internal system of the oyster get disturbed and irritated when any of the alien particles enter the body and so as defense mechanism it secretes a layer of 'nacre' over it.

Nacre is a kind of a shiny semi liquid like substance which is visible when you open any shell of an oyster. Over a period of time these shiny layers of 'nacre' take the form of beautiful shiny bead which we call as a 'pearl'.

What makes Pearl Special?

Beauty, Pure, Smooth, Precious, Rare and Priceless these are some those special expressions that come on our mind when we are talking about the beautiful Pearl necklaces.

Pearl is the only gem known to Mankind that is formed within a living body. It symbolizes natures strength and beauty, or we can say it a personification of a warrior, who can fight those magnificent and monstrous waves of the sea and still has a soft and beautiful heart that creates these Pearls.

Since ages Pearls are considered as the symbol of pride and honour, only royal families were blessed with the fortune to possess such a beauty.

Thanks to the changes that technology, online trading and telecom industry has brought into the world today these beauties are just a call or a click away from you.

There are many occasions when you like to make someone feel special, or you want to let them know how special they are in your life.

Quality of the pearl

There were days when boys living besides the seashore used to risk their lives and dive deep into the sea to find one or two pearls in a whole day or sometimes whole week.

Due to globalization whole pearl industry have reached to more professional and fare grounds. Nowadays hundreds of pearl selling stores have beautiful and priceless pearls that can fit in any budget.

You can find thousands of varieties of pearl necklaces from the price range of $100 to $ 1 million. Don't worry on what your pocket can afford of as each and every pearl is unique and beautiful in its own way just like our finger prints.

Measuring Pearl quality

When it comes to measuring the quality of pearl it is measured in a system called 'Mikimoto's A system' where the quality of pearl ranges from A to AAA.

From this you can figure out that the pearls coming in the 'A' quality are little inferior than the pearls coming in 'AA', like wise pearls of 'AAA' quality are the best value pearls.

Other way of measuring the quality of pearls is called 'Tahitian Pearl Rating', in this rating quality of pearls is measured in five grades 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A' and 'Top Gem' the quality is determined in the ascending order.